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Open-tuned, finger-picking guitarist/songwriter...playing in the style of alt-folk

Achtung: Fletch puts first song online!!!

I have finally put a song online for general purchase….

Go on…check it out

It is short and sweet and has the lovely vocals of Eliza Pickard Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.00.43 pm

Back home on the Gold Coast #bpmaustralia

It has been quite an adventure. Brisbane to LA to Nashville and back again. Lots of workshops, networking, songwriting, recording and plain old hanging out with my fellow bpm friends and new friends along the way.
I can truly say I have grown and developed as a musician and artist in these last couple of weeks. The busy days have both challenged and rewarded me. I now feel like I have new kit bag full of skills and a few shortcuts and tricks up my sleeve.
As I sit here after a great home cooked chicken soup and a couple of local brews, I am watching my boy Banquo draw pictures with his mum. One week ago he was in hospital not being able to move his legs due to a viral myosotis. He is all good now and I am glad to be here watching a healthy, happy little boy. My daughter jonquil has caught the virus now and is in bed exhausted, but on the mend.
To be home is great. I am tired, but I am used to being tired after a jam packed two weeks full of music and good times.
Keep tuned, as I continue to piece together the songs that I wrote over in the USA.
Oh the warm nights in Qld. A far cry from the cold nights in Nashville. Yet they are both romantic to me.

Nashville day 6 update #bpmamerica

Well it was certainly hard to wake up this morning. We put a huge dent in a 2lt honey Jack Daniels last night in celebration of yesterday’s recordings. Then we had to pack our bags and clean the house.
I had a record waiting for me at Grimy’s to pick up. It was the quickest record visit ever. 5 minutes and about 6 records. Pity I don’t have a working record player.
The we went to Gruhn’s guitars to window shop. I said before we walked in ‘don’t let me buy a guitar unless I really really want it’. I bought a lap steel. How did that happen. Well, 10 years ago I did not buy one from Gruhn’s. This time it was different. I spotted a 1950’s national lap that sounds hot. $500 later I am a happy man. I will make that money back being a steel player. And it is going to fill a lot if gaps in my recordings. Ooh yeah.
A couple of hours till we fly out. We are eating burgers and drinking craft beer. I will miss you Nashville. And so will my taste buds.